Ok I didn't really get a live-aboard, but I will say after my Columbus Day 3 hour tour in Puget Sound (http://www.classicboatclub.com/showt...n-Columbus-Day) I definitely want one! After cruising the saltwater in the South Sound, I brought the Uniflite home and dropped it in our lake in Tumwater with the intention of running it for a day and rinsing everything off with fresh water. I tied it off at our dock intent on taking it out of the water the next day.
Well the one day went by, then two, then a week, then two... I realized that almost everyday, rain or shine, I would walk out to the boat, and just fiddle with things. Twice I found myself on the boat during a massive downpour of rain going on outside, but under the canvas I was nice and dry, so I decided to to take a nap in the cabin. Peaceful for sure.

I was kind of bummed when I took it out of the water yesterday but there are some things that need attention that can't be done while on the water. I foresee putting it back in the water soon and enjoying a few more naps on the water prior to the freezing temps getting here.

I've always wanted a live-aboard, albeit a much larger one...but for now I'll enjoy my Express live-aboard