Well today was my first official NWCBC meeting. I arrived a couple of hours late but was met with smiles which was a relief for me as I wasn't sure what to expect. My scheduling conflict for the day was due to a last minute change in my decision to go to my son's jazz band concert where he was going to perform his first solo. For most people, this might have been a no-brainer decision, after all it was my son's first solo...what parent wouldn't go to that instead of some boat meeting??

The conflict came when I knew there were people coming from all over, even out of state, to make this meeting. Dedicated folks who are determined to keep the club alive and insert their passion into the club regardless of the miles from point to point. Folks who as youngsters, stood on a boat that would someday define their life. Folks that have resin in their veins rather than blood. Folks that have a smile every time they wet a keel and have that sudden sensation of being alive again. Folks that know without a doubt to live each day because you just don't know what the next day will bring.

It's these kinds of folks that made me want to make the meeting, regardless of anything else. My decision was a twelfth-hour decision. In the end, I'm glad I was able to do both. My son performed his first solo, and I made my first meeting. Sure these aren't earth shattering events, but they're part of my life and what defines me.

Son, I'm proud of you. You did great as always. Believe in yourself. To the folks at NWBC, thank you. Thank you for being there today and in the future and continuing to make this hobby what it is meant to be...FUN.