Appreciate all the responses re: "Is this still an active organization". Good to know there are still some hard working
souls interested in maintaining some of our classics in life.
BruceB, John Nelson, and BFlaherty thanks to all of you for your responses. As I said in my 1st blog, we have had
our Impella 17 Sabercraft since 1967. It is a 61 and I replaced the original 6 cylinder Merc. in 1975, as we were big in waterskiing, and the engine just would not idle w/o stalling. We spent a small fortune with mechanics trying to repair this, and after the 3rd trip to the shop, we made an offer on a brand new 1975 short shaft 850. What a great engine!
We took the boat to Lk. Chelan in 2009 and prior to going I thought I should probably replace the plugs....(For the 1st time since purchasing in 75. That's 24 years using same plugs. Amazing engine. We always winterized it properly, and when we did not have a garage available for it, we "Double wrapped" it. It is in surprisingly good shape. I will post some pics.
when I get some current ones. Thanks again for the responses. Tim W.