My first Blog... My new live-aboard!

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Ok I didn't really get a live-aboard, but I will say after my Columbus Day 3 hour tour in Puget Sound ( I definitely want one! After cruising the saltwater in the South Sound, I brought the Uniflite home and dropped it in our lake in Tumwater with the intention of running it for a day and rinsing everything off with fresh water. I tied it off at our dock intent on taking it out of the water the next day.
Well the one day went by, then two, then a week, then two... I realized that almost everyday, rain or shine, I would walk out to the boat, and just fiddle with things. Twice I found myself on the boat during a massive downpour of rain going on outside, but under the canvas I was nice and dry, so I decided to to take a nap in the cabin. Peaceful for sure.

I was kind of bummed when I took it out of the water yesterday but there are some things that need attention that can't be done while on the water. I foresee putting it back in the water soon and enjoying a few more naps on the water prior to the freezing temps getting here.

I've always wanted a live-aboard, albeit a much larger one...but for now I'll enjoy my Express live-aboard

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  1. McSkagit Tim Jones's Avatar
    Kelly, Well, I know what it's like to have a boat in the water near by. It's just a five minute walk to Sweet Zoanna moored at Spring Street landing.
    Some days I'll go down and work on some part or maybe read a cruising magazine or one of the many books aboard or maybe listen to the radio or a CD. One of the best parts of the boat is the diesel galley stove. Even if it's 30 degrees out, it's still 70 - 75 inside. You can cook on it, bake in the oven, dry your hat and sock out on it, make coffee, whatever. It also has a coil to heat the hot water tank.

    Well the Saratogan at 31 feet isn't really big enough to live aboard, but it's plenty comfortable to spend four or five days on provided that you can get ashore for an hour or two every day. Life on the water is good. You can go places it's really really quiet.

    Oh, and there's always something to fix......

    I may be moving the boat to Olympia. A long way from South Bend, but that's about as close as I can get until I gain local knowledge to cross the bar into Willipa Bay.

    Tim aka McSkagit
  2. Kelly's Avatar
    Tim, I'll speak for the entire city of Olympia and say our little harbor would love to have Sweet Zoanna moored here! You even have two volunteers that are local to keep a watchful eye on her