Tim W.

Is this Club still an active organization?

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I signed up for this "club" hoping to blog with "like minded boaters", as I have owned a 1961 Sabercraft Impella 17 for
over 50 years. I was hoping to learn some "secrets" in helping maintain the finish on a 56 year old fiberglass boat, etc.etc.
But all the current blogs on this website are years old, and I am concerned that my sign up efforts, and this message are
simply going to the "Dead letter office" for web sites. If I am wrong, please respond. Thanks Tim W. (New member)


  1. bruceb's Avatar
    Hi Tim- great that you are checking out the club. Most of the activity is on the "forum" site, as well as Facebook page.
    Yes, the group is still active, however, participation is not as it used to be. Unfortunately, my opinion is of a small minority that sees a lot of "members" but very few "supporting members"- a challenged situation....
    So there are more eyeballs on the "forum", hope you post pics, we love pics, where you like to boat, etc. Thanks !
  2. John Nelson's Avatar
    I'm a sabercraft guy, Fury and a couple of debutante hulls one that came with a 327 and jet and one made into a fishing skiff. There no way out of painting the Furry wax is still working on the others. I haven't had time for boating lately. I think I put the skiff together in 93.
  3. Bflaherty's Avatar
    We are still very much an active organization! Like any hobby group our supporting membership and active member count rises and falls like the tides. We have a few enthusiastic members who are actively restoring boats and hope to bring new life to the club once their boats are water ready! If you have a usable boat and would like to get out and play with other classic boat folks, then just pick a weekend, pick a lake, and post an invitation on the forum!! If you are local to the core group (PNW) then you will likely get two or three of us to come out and play!!

    Welcome to the club!