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Found new Windshield Guy !

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  • Found new Windshield Guy !

    Thanks to one of our new members showing the link, I was able to call this fellow who is called, The Plastics Guy.
    His prices are realistic so now we have a reasonable company to make windows, helm, cabin, the whole thing.

    This fellows name is Brett and his phone number is 916-728-8264 and his website is

    Kelly, you got some crazy price for something like $3000 dollars, was that for all the glass on your boat ?
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    $3k was for all glass. I paid under $1k for the upper windows in acrylic for the Skagit.
    The problem I see going that far south is 1) shipping the templates (I doubt they have Skagit stuff) and 2) shipping all of it back.
    Hey has amazing prices, just not sure the shipping cost leads to a better deal... at least for boats that he doesn't have templates for.
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