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1955-56 20' Skagit Express

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  • 1955-56 20' Skagit Express

    On Spokane Craigslist- sounds like he wants a deal on both boats.
    So the seller doesn't know this is a very early Skagit boat, first year or two of production. Doesn't post if it's an inboard or outboard. Looks like a complete project.....

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    Looks like a good plug for a one piece window frame. Its sad To end up with a good result you have to start with a boat like that. ITs too tempting to save some of the old wood. The only one who wants it is me and I already have a Bell Boy Blazer ,61 Sabercraft with a original 327 and jet and the Tyee in my rescue pile. They are getting further and further apart Id almost bet this is the last one we see.


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      yes, John, the fiberglass frame for the one piece glass upper windshield is a super rare item, worthy of saving. However, there was some reason the factory went to the split glass, and someone along the way said the glass ( think it was 1955 Ford Fairlane) was prone to cracking, as the boat and fiberglass frame had some flex to it and the car glass was "stiff". We'd come across some 1955-56 20 boats that had the split frame/glass and appeared to be retrofitted, not original.
      Speculation and info from factory workers put production in 1955-56 at 20-40 boats, all 20 express models. They are rare.
      I'd been watching one a few miles from our place and it's disappeared, think it was at the very beginning, 1955, inboard with just the velvet drive intact. Gone in the last 4 months. Fear that it was chainsawed up.
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        It really hurts to see the inboards go. They have even more glass in them than the regular Skagits. I know the originality police come after you for it, there is some real good choices for repower 470 mercury cruiser even with bad water pump seals and alternator has a chevy bolt pattern 165 hp. 120/140 chevy and the 2.3 omc 125 hp takes a homemade bell housing . They could be a super nice boats now. steady and reliable.