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Chuck C. spoiled my outboard

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    If we're talking the '47 Firestone, yah, it ran great once I got the right prop for it. Then I had no need for it so let it go for $100. If we're talking the '86 Rude 50, I'm still messing with it. Yesterday we ran from Lummi Island to Fairhaven (7 miles away) on a 3 gallon gas tank that has worked well with my Johnson 9.9. No problem even when we were cruising by a couple of CG boats where the speed limit was posted 4 mph. Good run home on the 12 gallon tank in Rosario. Switched back to the 3 gal. tank to run from the dock onto the trailer and again it ran smoothly right up the trailer (our ramp is quite steep). Is everything working just right? Stay tuned. Next trip to town for groceries will be all on a 12 gal. tank.
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    1957 Skagit Express Cruiser Rosario