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Robert in Seattle - Skagit and Crestliner

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  • Robert in Seattle - Skagit and Crestliner

    Hi Everyone I just joined this site and you all are enormously helpful and full of great information for a novice like myself. I have restored a 15' Crestliner and now am at work on a 20' Skagit Cuddy Cabin. And advice about the Skagit resto would be greatly appreciated especially if I should use the twin side mounted gas tanks? Thanks, Robert

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    Welcome, Robert!

    Pics! We need pics!

    You'll get different opinions on fuel tanks here. Some guys run tanks right under the seats, or forward. Some run the saddle tanks. On my Bell Boy 404, a boat similar to your Skagit, it came from the factory with twin fiberglass saddle tanks, 20 gallons each. They were replaced at some point with Todd industries plastic tanks. When I refit the boat, I used them again. It provides a ton of fuel for long distance cruising. I haven't had any issues with weight being up to high or anything like that. The downside is that they do take up some exterior space, but it can be worked around. Look in my 404 thread for some pics of mounting and enclosure. Good for ideas if nothing else.
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      Good to "see" you posting ! So my question is, is your intent to ask if you should keep the original Skagit fiberglass tanks ?
      thanks, bruceb