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Looking for some Hydroswift help

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  • Looking for some Hydroswift help

    Hi All,

    New member here, trying to find some info on a Hydroswift personal runabout I recently acquired. It's a one seater, about 150 lbs, 54 in wide, 7 feet long, prop driven shaft drive inboard. I'm thinking it's late 60's - early 70's. I seem to remember seeing these in the back of Popular Mechanics and similar magazines back then. I have attached two pics. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. - Vik
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    Hi Vik...

    Welcome aboard to start with...
    I have been looking fore that Hydroswift model but have not come up with anything.
    I did find the Hydroswifts over at but that that model.....
    Very interesting setup to say the last....

    Maybe you have one of a kind, maybe a prototype ???
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