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Thread: Bell Boy 404 Express Restoration

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    Awesome! It has to be a good feeling having endured a few years of labor..can't wait to see some pics!
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    Long time since I added a note to this forum. I hope all is well with you. My Bellboy is doing well. No further work since 2014 when I did the cockpit floor and pedestal benches. I am signed in to the forum but for some reason I am not allowed to view any of your pics!!! I will have to contact the administrator.


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    Hey, Bob. Did you get my PM?

    Not much else going on for me for now. Boat is in the water for the season and getting regular use. Plans for the Fall/Winter are still battery re-location and door trim. I'm going to install cabin speakers as well. Beyond that, I think it will just be maintenance and a new paint job at some point down the road. Sure wish I had decent gel coat to work with!

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    Reading back through the previous page, I see that I owe some pics of the cabin. I never did get around to doing the panorama. I'll try to tackle it next time on the water.

    Table update. The leg system sucks. It is almost impossible to get the leg out of the table to change position. Maybe in an RV it would be OK, but in the small cabin space it is just too difficult to remove. On the advice of a fellow down on the docks, I'm going to measure and see if the seat posts that I have will do the trick. They are height adjustable. I may be able to just do a high/low to handle the issue. I'll address this in the off season as well.
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    '59 Bellboy 404 - Pretty Girl
    Past Affairs:
    '61 Marathon - Jammie Dodger

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