In order to conserve space, ads will be deleted after A) 60 days has elapsed since the last activity in the thread or B) The seller has posted that the item has been sold.

When your item sells or you no longer need the ad for any reason, please edit the ad and make the first sentence something like "Sold", "Gone", "Found one", etc. This makes the classified ad housekeeping much easier because this will show up when pointing to the ad with a mouse and the ad can be deleted without opening it and reading the whole thing.

If you have not sold your item and it's getting close to 60 days since you posted it, and you want your ad to remain active, just post a response to it saying "still available" or something similar. This will also bump your ad up to the top of the list and increase your exposure to buyers.

If there have been responses to the ad that contain info that may be useful to someone else in the future, the thread may be moved to the appropriate forum. (boat restoration, engine, etc.)