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Thread: THEY ARE STILL OUT THEIR 1963 19ft uniflite express

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    THEY ARE STILL OUT THEIR 1963 19ft uniflite express

    greetings i ran across this 19ft express sunday in south seattle he guy has owned it for some time and plans to fix it so ill lend him a helping hand ( see pictures of the interior)
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    I find it funny at times. When I seen John Nelsons, its the Only one I found for a Long time.
    Then one of the group came up with it as it too was around in the Seattle area and I was able to score it from him.
    At that time, only the two were known, then I spotted the one that Kelly owns, then others started to show up.

    Never the less, its like the other boats designs out there, once they are gone, thats it, Game over, no more available.

    My next two projects will be my 20ft Skagit Offshore to get her back in the water, then its off to the Dorsett Catalina that used to belong to Chuck Carry who had been with the club from the start. I got it from him before he passed away as it was requiring some major work. That one will be one of my keepers.
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