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    South Vashon

    Took a trip down to Pleasant Cove on Sunday morning with the family. A friend has a cabin on the beach there. While on the hook, both his Glasspar and the 404 lined up nicely for this shot.

    It was an interesting thing to watch. He is tied to his ball and I anchored out with enough scope and swing to be clear of his boat as the tides moved. However, being about 40 feet further out put me in some weird eddies. The 404 was moving all over the place and I thought she had come loose at one point because it was moving so fast! In the shot, she is actually moving and passed the Sea Fair about 20 seconds later before turning around and moving back.

    While the 404 is a bit of a rough ride in the chop, I still can't get over how fuel efficient these boats with modern engines are. I used about 9 gallons there and back.
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    love the shot! both boats look very classy!
    Thanks for sharing.
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