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  • Splatter Paint Gun

    At one time, long ago, we had a member that took a low cost paint spray gun and made a splatter paint gun out of it.

    I have been trying to get the ol gray matter to remember who that was ?

    Bruce, was that you that did that ?
    Or, do you remember who it may have been?

    I did a little searching but we did have that crash and did loose posts but I thought that it was a really good conversion.
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    Hi Helmar- I'm sure someone discussed splatter painting sometime in the past, two or three folks, actually. That's how I learned, and pretty sure some of the discussion can be traced to factory workers from Skagit being asked by club members in past. Suspect that Marty had some experience from his extensive boat restorations.
    I probably am the person more recently posting or discussing splatter painting. Did it on a 1958 14 sportster (entire interior in dark gray) and the transom rebuild of 20 express three summers ago.DSCN0957.JPG P1130380.jpgP1130381.jpg
    Process goes like this: paint a couple of test pieces of scrap ply, ideally 2'x4' each with your base color, dry. Use a conventional spray gun ( I used an HVLP, which is ok if that's all you have) and turn down the air pressure to 25psi. This is a starting point, may be a little higher, depending in paint viscosity and your gun's tip size ( tip was 1.5mm). Don't thin the paint at first, see how normal viscosity works. I fashioned a duct tape and 8 penny nail structure (stop laughing, now) to suspend the nail about 1/2" in front of the nozzle. The intent is to get the paint to leave the gun as slow as possible, then it builds up on the nail, and air pressure pushes the paint build up on the nail out as a blob towards the test surface.
    It's a real patience testing process. At one point I got small mist instead of blobs, even though the test just prior had the right blob sizes. Then the paint on the nail started to drip down on the prepped surface, making a real mess. Had to stop and immediately wipe the fresh paint off the surface, start all over. Ended taping a rag under the nail/gun tip to catch the downward drip. <You may find your gun and material combination can deliver the blobs without the nail added>. Like I said, real patience testing, have to have a vision on what it will look like when finished.
    Don't have any shots of the tip with tape and nail, at that point, it's getting messy to handle a camera, ha.
    Spots weren't big enough so I spent a day "blobbing" the two splatter colors....yes, I am crazy !
    What the transom- 20 express- (light gray with dark gray and burgundy splatter) ended up having is two coats of satin clear over the base and splatter.


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      Thin some paint or gelcoat dip a 2" paint brush then use sort of whipping motion some experimenting will help.


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        Bruce both boats splatter/spatter paint look great! I've said it before but your attention to detail is outstanding. I'll be sure to contact you when I'm ready to sling some paint around in the hardtop!
        1958 Skagit 20 Express Hardtop
        1958 Skagit 20 Express
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