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    Tim and all-
    Was a great cold day with a biting wind in Oly, being prepared with extra socks, long johns, wool caps, layers to keep warm the order of the day. At first we thought it wouldn't happen with a forecast of snow/freezing rain. Luckily things weren't so bad, saw a few small flurries but didn't last long, too warm.
    Doesn't get much better than sitting in a cozy warm cruiser at night with ice lapping on the hull having some beers and talking boating, cars, putting together youtube videos. Got to do that more often !!! And got to meet Steve at Swantown- also a high point of the day.
    Pics moving Sweet Zoeanna out of BH.
    Thanks Tim for a neat day !FullSizeRender-133.jpgIMG_1499.jpgFullSizeRender-134.jpgIMG_1509.jpg


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      Even a cold day on the water is a good day. Good pics, Bruce, thanks! The Dickinson galley stove!, had to open the overhead hatch as it got a bit too warm in the cabin.... Good beer and Skagit stuff....

      Okay, you know where the South Sound hangout is...
      The thanks is (are) all mine, Bruce....
      Captain Tim (McSkagit) Jones 1959 Skagit 31 Saratogan

      Pay it forward.......take a kid for a boat ride


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        Awesome! Thanks for sharing the adventure!
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