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1958 John Deer Skagit

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  • 1958 John Deer Skagit

    Here's your chance to own a one of kind

    They have no idea what it is.

    1958 Skagit 20 Express Hardtop
    1958 Skagit 20 Express
    -PNW Craftsmanship

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    Ha, amazing, they keep showing up ! 1958 14' Sportster, never have seen this boat, what a "hoot" ! Maybe painted it up for the demolition boat races at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe but "saved" at the last minute !!!!!! Or could have been a display feature at a JD dealer. Hmmmm


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      "Swims Like a Deer"
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        I wonder if there was ever a small racing class that one might enter a 14' boat in? That paint scheme appears too neat and tidy to be a home hack job. Almost looks like a sponsored race boat or maybe a pit boat/tow boat for a smaller racer??

        It is fun to read the ads on craigslist and see how little some people know about boats...
        Brian Flaherty

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