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Lake tapps poker run 2010!!

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  • Lake tapps poker run 2010!!

    June 26, 2010

    LAKE TAPPS, WA. 98391

    9:30AM until it is dark or the beverages run out.

    Time is flying and the Lake Tapps Poker run is upon us this weekend! The extended weather forecast (if you can trust them) says it will be touch and go again this weekend. This is good and bad. The Lake will be busy if it is warm and tends to get a little rough in the mid afternoon. If it is overcast, the water is usually flat and calm. We are going to use the same launch and dock from last year. This private launch is located at 2009 Tacoma Point Drive East, Lake Tapps, WA. 98391. There will be a small banner next to the road to mark the location. There is room there to park about 10-12 rigs, with more parking available on the street. My Dad (Steve, or Old Man, he answers to either) or I will be at the ramp to help launch and tie up. The dock space is limited so plan to raft up with fenders if we have a lot of boats. You are welcome to use any launch around the Lake and just meet up at the docks as well. The public launches do fill up quick on nice weekends and will close when full.

    The general plan is to meet and launch around 9:30-10:30am. We will have a quick meeting at the docks around 10:30-11:00 to hand out maps, buddy up, and give general directions for the Poker portion of the day. The rest of the day is pretty open to cruising, or just BS'ing in the shade by the water. I am planning on having my BBQ set up and will provide hotdogs and a shady spot to sit. Please feel free to bring either a picnic for yourself, or some potluck dishes to share. The BBQ will be on, so if you would like to bring something besides hotdogs, we can cook it up. We will have a large cooler if you need to keep something during the day without hauling it around in your boat. I plan on spending all day, and into the evening, at this location, and you are all welcome to stay as long as you wish. Around 6:30-7:00 or so, the Lake starts to get quiet and is REALLY enjoyable for a slow cruise.

    I have a call in to see if anyone will be out testing race boats in the morning. The Lake is open for testing on Saturday mornings and if there are no races scheduled, there are usually 4-5 boats that take advantage of the clam water. If they are testing, I will post back here and some may want to adjust plans to arrive a bit earlier to watch as they run at full tilt 40 feet away from the launch dock! Likewise, if anyone wants to bring a race boat (vintage or new) and make some runs, let me know and we can have chase boats ready to go.

    Please make sure you have current tabs (2009 tabs still work until July 1st I think) and numbers on your boat. I donít want anyone to end up with a costly day on the water! The marine Sherriff will not pick on you unless there is a visible reason to. I always like to stress that you do not need to have a boat to enjoy these events. There is always extra room and everyone I have met with this group has always loved to take an extra passenger! If you have any questions or concerns about the day, please don't hesitate to call, e-mail, or post here.

    From Hwy 167 North or South take 8th St. Exit (Milton / Jovita)
    Go EAST at bottom of the exit ramp.
    Continue up the hill past Sumner Meadows Golf Course.
    Go STRAIGHT through the light at the top of the hill (LAKELAND HILLS WAY SE) Stay in the left hand lane at the next light and follow the road to the left. (This road does not show up on most maps) Go approximately 1 mile to a stop light at 182nd street. This is the last gas station that is close to the launch. Fuel up here if needed. Turn right at the light onto 182nd Street. Go approximately 1/8 mile and turn left onto Tacoma Point Drive. 2009 Tacoma Point Dr E is on your left about one mile onto the point.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    Brian Franchini
    (206) 423-4644 cell
    [email protected]

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    We are super excited for this event!!! The old Chris Craft hasn't been on Lake Tapps since June 4th of last year when we bought her from the second owner who stored her on a boat lift out on Tapps island for 30+ years...

    Wondering if it would be ok for my brother to bring his tunnel hull out to play again this year?? Obviously he would not be participating in the "Poker Run" competition but he would make a great chase boat, his is at least twice as fast as anything we have in our club (75+):Police1:... He is not a paid member cause his boat is from the early vintage of '91...

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    Brian Flaherty

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      Robyn and I are planning on attending the Lake Tapps Event. We have been wanting to get there since the event started. Lodging would be at the Holiday Inn Express in Audurn. Is it save to stay there with a boat in tow?

      Tom and Robyn


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        Brian, My son and i will be there in the G-3. I hope those waves are kind to us ! All boats have to have the following year (2011) tabs on by June 30th @ 11.59.59 pm each year to go out on July 1st and after. No problem this coming weekend. Chuck
        1957 17' Skagit Express Cruiser
        1959 20' Skagit Express Cruiser 120 HP I/O "Chippewa"


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          Looking forward to seeing everyone! I forgot that the race boats will be in Burley, Id. this weekend so I don't expect to see any boats out testing in the AM.

          Here is the last forcast I saw for Saturday:

          "We are still clinging to a quasi-passable day on Saturday. I don't think we're going to see a whole lot of sun, but a few periods of partly sunny are not ruled out and any moisture should be confined to mountain showers. Highs should rebound a little to the upper 60 and low 70s."

          This should make for a perfect day at the Lake. Warm enough to have fun, but not enough to fill the Lake with tower covered wake board boats making white caps!
          LAKE TAPPS, WA.


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            Have a great day on the lake!

            We were looking forward to this fun event and have the boat all ready to go. Then I got the evil word that I had been 'designated' to work today. So here I sit I hope everyone has a great day on the water! Take lots of pictures and everyone please be safe!
            Gordon and Cheryl Davies


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              Gee Gordon, you must be working for the same slavemaster I am. Screwy1

              This is what I get for taking a vacation on company time. Now I'm two weeks behind on an airplane that's two years behind. :shocked3:
              Lovely La Rue and the Kingston Kid

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                Great time at the Lake today with some fantastic weather! Cool and overcast in the morning so we got the flat water almost to ourselves. Around 1:00 the sun broke through and warmed us all up. It is 10:30 and I am just coming in from the Lake now and going straight to bed. I will get some pictures up tomorrow to show off all the great boats and great people. Thanks to everyone that came, I had a wonderful time with all of you today!
                BRIAN FRANCHINI
                LAKE TAPPS, WA.


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                  Brian, Thanks for a great time on the lake along with the poker run. I do like your style of the way you set it up! It's was nice seeing quite a few people we have not seen for a while. Thanks also for the hot dogs and beverage's as well as what some others came with. Best,Chuck.

                  Picture of California Girl and Brian's son ( Cole ) and I. Tim M i thought of you as we kept a eye on the small transom on the G-3 !
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                  1957 17' Skagit Express Cruiser
                  1959 20' Skagit Express Cruiser 120 HP I/O "Chippewa"


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                    Thank you!

                    I'm only sorry that I had other plans that took me away from the event...I would have liked spending more time hanging out with you guys! Thanks for hosting!
                    Kristy Fry
                    1964 Johnson Deluxe 17


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                      Lake Tapps

                      We had a great time. The sum came out in time.
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                        I had such a good time Saturday at the Lake hanging out with everyone. Brian and Michelle (bflaherty) brought their 1968 Chris Craft and his brother Mike "borrowed" a really clean Ski Sanger for the day. Richard (woodboatfogey) brought his Thompson woodie for the second year and made it the whole day without getting lost on the Lake! Kristy (smallfry) brought out her 1964 Johnson. This thing was too cool, complete with original soft top, swim ladder, and owners manuals for the boat, engine, and even the original trailer! Dennis and Barbra Hoffman (bellboy57) brought out his Bell Boy sporting some new paint and looking great! Chuck and his son Dan (chuckcarey) blasted around the Lake in his G3 finishing the Poker run in record time. Your trophy is "in the mail"! Tom and Robin Hansen (56glasspar) get the long distance award. They drove up Friday afternoon from Toldeo, Oregon for the event with his Glasspar. We were even treated to a suprise hydro practice when one of the limited boats came out for testing. Nothing like standing 30 feet away from a boat doing 100+mph! All in all it was a great day on the Lake! Thanks to everyone who came and made this such a fun event!
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                        BRIAN FRANCHINI
                        LAKE TAPPS, WA.