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    Just wanted to say that we just returned from a wonderful trip to this lake and look forward to the NWCBC trip in September. We boat camped for a week at Safety Harbor and Grahams Harbor and loved the dry heat, the docks, the beautiful camp sights, amazing streams and waterfalls, the awesome trout fishing, the refreshing cold water (comes in handy when it is 95 degrees!) and some very great boating people we met along the way.

    We had calm, smooth waters for the entire time except for one day where the wind was mind boggling ferocious. Didn't even think about going out that day, it was humbling to observe the wrath of Mother Nature. After we saw what can happen on that lake with wind (and of course heard a few scary stories from the old timers), we canceled our plans to go to Steheiken on that trip in favor of waiting to do it all with you in a safe convoy. So, we'll see you in September!

    Chris, Lauryn and Dylan

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    Chris, The details on the Chelan event are being worked on but so far it is planned to meet at 25 mile creek which is about half way up the lake and procede north to Steheiken. I will have more details soon.
    Greg James


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      Has anyone checked into lodging in Stehekin? If we go it will be in the old blue boat and it does not have bunks. anger:
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        There is lodging at Stehekin, google it, and there is a campground just North called cold harbor? and across the Lake at Lucerne.
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