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  • Event Planing for 2015

    Hi everyone.
    This is the the letter I got from Ingvar. No new dates as of yet, just proposed. The ACBS shows to be having a December 10th meeting that will secure the dates.
    I have added a few without the question marks (?) that I found on line, like the Portland Boat Show and Seattle Boat Show.

    ACBS events

    Jan 7th to 11th. Portland Boat Show at the Expo Center. 10 dollar admission, normally ACBS attends with boats.

    Jan 23rdto Feb 1 Seattle Boat Show.

    Feb 7th to 9th?, Poulsbo Harbor Boating event.

    March 22nd? De Moines Marine Swap Meet.

    April 5th? Fisheries Supply Marine Swap Meet and Sale. This will be across the street from Gas Works Park on lake Union.

    April 26? Everett Marina Swap Meet.

    June ? Edmonds Marine Show.

    June? Bell Harbor Marina Display

    June ? Olympic Marina Marine swap meet.

    July? Ship Wrecked Anacortes Super event ?

    July 18th, Pocket Yachters palooza. I contacted Marty for the date. Check out his site. (Marty and I started the NWCBC)

    Aug? La Conner Boat and Care Show and display.

    Sept? Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show.

    Sept? Fisheries Supply Marine Swap meet and sale.

    NWCBC events

    At our meeting we came up with a few events that we can work with. The dates will be posted in our Calendar of Events calendar once we know the tides.

    So, between May 16th to July 11th, Kelly is working on a South Sound event witch involves Jomamma beach.

    Some time around Aug 22nd, Allan and Sue were thinking of putting on an event that involves Jarls Cove.

    In looking at the meeting minutes that was sent to me by Ingvar (Brian, once you can help with the proposed dates jump in. We totally understand how busy you have to be )

    What I am seeing in the ACBS Minutes is mention of an event at Lake Mayfield.
    We used to have events on that lake back when we were with Fiberglassics Northwest. This event way also hosted by Jeff Ault and then on to Kent and Diane Hodges until Diane's accident.
    I see were Ingvar has something in mind for Lake Mayfield this year..

    I have heard that our Mason Lake resort that we have been using might not be available any longer due being purchased by some developers.
    In trying to come up with an event were we can craw members from the Portland Metro area as well, how does everyone feel about making Mayfield our main event ?
    We need something that we can make kind of central if possible. They do have cabins and a float on one resort and then then a park that is for camping that is also quite large. Something Mayfield would sure be good for me due to the long haul from down in Veneta Oregon.

    So, this is more than open for discussion now and once we get more of the ACBS dates, we can pin the dates down.

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    Our Sister club

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    For the South Sound event I have planned, it's either May 16th OR July 11th with the gathering location at JoEmma Beach (Jomamma is funny tho). Allan and Sue's great float plan has a destination of Jarrell's cove. If people wanted look for these two spots I wanted them to have the correct name to help them search

    I think having Mayfield as the capstone event for the club is a great idea, but if we really want to find out what the club wants, we should start a poll thread with a couple of options for folks to choose from. That way there's a dedicated thread just for the big event and democracy can prevail

    Also, how hard would it be to have a few NWCB member's boats at the Seattle Boat show? I know a few of you did it in the past from our discussion at the meeting. It would be great to have 1-3 boats set up with the banner, cards, fliers etc... There are a lot of nice boats in this club and I think any one of us would represent us all very well! Maybe it's too late this year but next??
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    1958 Skagit 20 Express
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      Kelly, I'm not familiar with Joemma Beach. Do you know if the campground is heavily used that time of year. I'm down in South Central Oregon, but I've been wanting to attend one of the South Sound outings. From looking at the map, Joemma Beach is a long ways from nowhere, so camping looks like the way to go.

      Sure hope we can make this one. Come next May, we've been down here for four years. I'm long overdue for a saltwater fix.

      Thanks for organizing this one Kelly.
      Steve Kiesel
      1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan


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        Steve It would be great if you can make it!

        I'll be starting a separate thread for the JoEmma event, however to answer your question now I don't think May brings in a lot of campers just yet. July on the other hand, may be busy. There are quite a few camping locations/state parks all around the South Sound between the launch location and JoEmma Beach, so if it happens to be full you'll be fine.
        1958 Skagit 20 Express Hardtop
        1958 Skagit 20 Express
        -PNW Craftsmanship

        Don't forget about the FAQ page if you need help with the forum:


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          Wow! There are a lot of other places to stay. Problem solved. Thanks Kelly.
          Steve Kiesel
          1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan