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An Alder Lake surprise REVEALED !!!!

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  • An Alder Lake surprise REVEALED !!!!

    We have had this in the works for awhile and we just received final confirmation tonight. We have arranged for members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary to perform free vessel safety checks for our event. THESE SAFETY CHECKS ARE VOLUNTARY AND YOU WILL NOT BE TICKETED!! These safety checks are provided for information and safety purposes only. However if your vessel has all of the required safety items you will receive a sticker stating that you passed the voluntary safety inspection. Which can be displayed on your boat. We want to make this clear, YOU WILL NOT BE TICKETED. Should you choose to have your vessel inspected, the inspections will be performed throughout the event.
    We wanted to incorporate an item of safety into our event and the USCGA was willing to help us. They will be providing important information about what is required and how to make your vessel more safe. You are not required to participate in the safety check to take part in the treasure hunt.
    We hope that everyone will be as excited for this as we are. This will be a nice way to perhaps learn some things we may or may not know while enjoying a fun day on the water.

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    Joe, Great idea ! Chuck
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      That is an excellent idea!

      I have been ticketed before for not having the proper equipment on a Sea-doo. I never knew there was actual requirements for a personal watercraft to carry fire extingushers...
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