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Changes Are Coming!

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  • Changes Are Coming!

    We've not been happy with the current Xenforo software for some time. We have therefore decided to change our forum software back to vBulletin. This will affect everybody but the impact should be small. Here's what it means:
    • Between now and this coming Saturday you should make sure that your profile has the correct email address. To do that, look at the top of the page. You'll see your name. Hover (hold you mouse over without clicking) on that, and one of the options will be "contact details". Click that.
    • On Sunday morning the current site will go offline.
    • I expect it to take between two and four hours to get the new site live. Your personal information and posts will come across. But not your password. Those cannot be imported.
    • After the new software is live you will need to click on the "lost password" link. That will send you a link to reset your password. IF YOUR EMAIL IS WRONG YOU WON'T GET THIS EMAIL AND CAN'T LOG IN.
    • Expect that for a few days the site will probably have some minor problems.

    We'll do everything we can to make the transition as painless as we can.
    Owner of a Bellboy 21- delusional enough to believe it will run some day.

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    God speed your efforts!
    Brian Flaherty

    "How can you discover great lands, with your feet planted in the sand"

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    1965 Performer Havoc (sold)


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      As you can see, the site is back online without any changes. I ran into some problems in the imports. I'll spare you all the details, but I should be able to complete this one of the next couple nights. I'll give some warning.
      Owner of a Bellboy 21- delusional enough to believe it will run some day.


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        Murfy's law......Nothing can be easy so sorry about all the issues Ed.
        Helmar Joe Johanesen
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        1961 17ft Dorsett Catalina.1958 Uniflite 17 ft
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        Oh, and Where is Robin Hood when you need him??


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          We're pulling for ya Ed!
          1958 Skagit 20 Express Hardtop
          1958 Skagit 20 Express
          -PNW Craftsmanship

          Don't forget about the FAQ page if you need help with the forum:


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            Ed, Thanks for your efforts. Do what you gotta do.
            Greg James


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              Thanks for staying on top of this, guys!
              John Forsythe

              '59 Bellboy 404 - Pretty Girl
              Past Affairs:
              '61 Marathon - Jammie Dodger


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                The new software looks great. Thanks!