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    Last weekend my daughter and I drove down from Washington to California, the main purpose was for my 35 year class reunion. But here is where the story detours and why there is a picture of.... another boat. Back in May when we went down to buy the Homelite, I spotted the twin to my boat in some guys front yard in La Pine, Oregon. Against my daughter's better judgement and keen sense of what's socially acceptable, I stopped and met the owner. Long and short of it, he said for a $100 I could have it. Now the boat needs serious help. BUT THE TRAILER! It is an original 1960 Tee Nee, which is the period correct trailer for my boat, and in it's present condition is worth about $1000. Problem: I couldn't tow two trailers at the same time. Problem: What do I do with a junk boat with no paperwork.
    I got the guys number, and said if it was still there in when I was ready, I'd call. So, as we drove buy last weekend, it was still there! The optimist in me knew it would be, so I had my hitch, and wiring for the BMW. BAM! It's now joined the Riker garage. Anyone want a free boat? Will deliver for gas and food within a 6 hour drive. Rough but anything is restorable. 1960ish Glasspar Marathon 14'. Needs transom, floor, and other repairs, but hull looks solid. Also could make a good piece of yard art... or a flower garden, hey fill with water, and you've got a koi pond!
    My winter project, restore the trailer to it's former glory and put it under my Glasspar.

    Free Boat (2).jpg

    Free Boat.jpg