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3 Mile, 5 Mile ?

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  • 3 Mile, 5 Mile ?

    Not sure how many miles out you had to go to use these.

    This was one of these days I didn't get started on anything in the shop until late. Looked around, had the wheels, scraps so this is a start.
    This was from Kelly's boat and well, I had scrapped two others and always thought, what can I do with it ???

    So, looking at Harbor Freight for a rolling stand, I though, why not use this, its Boaty looking and its in a Boat Shop.
    Next time I get the sewing machine out, I will upholster a diamond pattern cover for the lid.

    Then maybe some day, pull it down and polish all the brass and then seal it with the wheel coating or clear lacquer
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    That'll make it fit awkwardly when you reinstall it in the boat!
    Ha, just kidding.
    Glad to see it live on...
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      Its awkward anyway, lol. I guess you could call it a movable stool....
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