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1961 Glasspar Seafair Sedan Valuation? TREE FELL ON HER!!!! PICTURES INCLUDED

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  • 1961 Glasspar Seafair Sedan Valuation? TREE FELL ON HER!!!! PICTURES INCLUDED

    Hello all....

    I have become a member of this site to find some information on my Seafair's value. My neighbors tree fell on her during our last big storm here in California and SMASHED her beyond repair (kind of). I have attached pictures showing her after a full 2 year restoration from stringers to top deck. The other pics are of her smashed by the tree. Insurance is having difficulty finding value to to it's impeccable condition and vintage. They are willing to accept an appraisal based on these pictures yet I don't know anyone in my demographic that has the expertise and experience to give it a fair valuation. There is one down in San Diego going for $30K yet his is was CRAZY in restoration extras. As per the pictures shown, is at lease half that if not more. I could really use all your help with this...
    Thank you in advance for any help given...
    Ken G.
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    Well, isn't that a bummer!

    As to value, you'd have to factor in your materials cost if you went that route, along with engine and trailer replacement.

    As for beyond repair, I think you'll find most here would disagree, at least based on the pics. Looks like the windshield is totaled, and the edge trim pulled out. Did the deck take any damage? There are a LOT of these boats out there in various states of repair. You could probably source replacement parts easily enough if you wanted to. Depends on how much you love her.
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      LOVE HER LOTS...yet,,,
      I have done it once and boy was it ALOT of work and time. The bulkhead took a tremendous hit along with the top of the cabin. Cabin top cracked severely which pushed down on all glass railings into the deck (slightly) The top inside rail (where one would put the Ship-To-Shore radio is also at a 30 degree angle. All the inside inner cabin roofing has been damaged beyond repair as well which needs replacement. All this is well and good and I agree, I could pull her into the shop again and do one more time.......yet the insurance does not know what to give me for it. They are considering it TOTALED. I need the appraisal done in order to start anything at this point....ken

      Of course insurance companies will total it as they have no clue on the value.
      No blue book on these old gals so its finding one in that shape that has sold? good luck on that. Might just throw that one down south of you that is for sale, get a estimate on cost of repairs from some local shop if possible.

      Detailed pictures of everything damaged would tell me if I was looking for another donor boat and use the hole cabin cap.

      If the insurance company gives pays you off, I would think with all the work that was done to her, someone would do the repairs.

      I went to a boat show and the prices were nuts but with a full restoration like you had, I would go for the cost to replace her with a new boat.

      That is one of the best riding boats in rough water you will find.


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        Ken- Sorry to see the damage to your fine boat. If I loved it and it was mine, I'd consider fixing it with what I know of materials.The question comes to mind, is there any appearance of damage to the bottom of the hull where it contacts parts (rollers or bunks) of the trailer ?
        As to the cabin top damage, unique assessment of a solution one could only do in person. Value without the motor or trailer factored in, on the used glass market in California, am not familiar with. Knowing our market in the NW, I'd guess between 2,500 to 3,500. If there are electronics involved, add appropriate amount. It's a sticky subject on value as we've been discussing that these boats should be more valuable than the market assesses.
        Our sister site, Golden State Glassics has active members with Seafairs, they would have good words on valuation.
        Best to you


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          Thanks for the condolences Bruce. It kills me to look at it. Thanks for the lead with the other site. I will post the same question on that site and see what kind of a response I get as well. The market her in California seems a bit stronger for these boats. I have three within 150 miles going from $6400 all the way up to $12,500 (Not including the one in San Diego for 30K). My insurance adjuster is coming on Wednesday this week and really need to find something to give to them.
          Thanks again for you continued help and support guys!!!!


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            Sorry to see this. This is a real fear of mine (trees falling on my boats, cars) living in Washington. Unfortunately you will not get out what you put into it as far as money goes. Classic glass boats do not have the classic price tag like cars which is why it makes sense your insurance is struggling.
            Ask ten people what the value of your beloved boat is and you will get 10 different answers because it's about the heart and soul that goes into bringing them back.
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              Wow, this is a sad story!

              I bought the Saratogan in Feb of 1988. It was parked in the back yard on Orcas. Arctic Express came through in December of 1989 with 100mph winds and temps in the teens. Had one tree fall on a 20 foot Santana sail boat I had and another tree, a big fir came down three feet from the house. The Saratogan was unscathed.

              This brings up a good topic, Insurance. Might think of insuring your classic glass with Hagarty. They are expensive, but you can insure it for an agreed value. I insured with them the first year and then got a commercial policy to carry passengers. Back to a standard yacht policy. Underwriter is LLoyds of London.

              Shopped around again last Fall when the policy came due and once again found that there aren't many insurance companies willing to insure 50 -60 year old boats, even made of fiberglass. So I pay a premium to insure the Saratogan, but it's insured for everything.....

              Good luck on whatever you decide to do. If the hull and bottom are okay and you want to repair it, I'd find a doner Seafair Sedan and graft the superstructure on your hull.

              Tim aka McSkagit
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