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Monday's South sound cruise

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  • Monday's South sound cruise

    We had two boats for Monday's south sound cruise. The Saratogan, M/V Sweet Zoanna and Bruce's Skagit 20, Willa B. My cousin and family and Kelly and Collin comprised our crew. Weather was overcast as we departed about 10 AM from Olympia's Swantown Marina.
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    Captain Tim (McSkagit) Jones 1959 Skagit 31 Saratogan

    Pay it forward.......take a kid for a boat ride

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    Sounds like a nice day on the water was had. And the pictures seem to back that up.

    But what's that...? Some missing paint on your windshield frame? Uh oh, better get Mayco!
    John Forsythe

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      John, Yeah, that scar on the bridge windshield frame was done by the professional glass installer I hired to install the center glass. It was painful to watch. Broke the first glass. Pounding and beating on the frame. Finally I had to leave the shop while he worked.

      I would like to caution all of you out there about your comments, especially those pointing out flaws in other people's restorations. We are well aware of them. I remember years ago at a classic car show on San Juan Island, a guy had a newly restored Porsche 356 in metalic silver. Beautiful restoration. I was complimenting the owner when he volunteered, pointing out the two flaws in the paint. I said, sir, only you would know they were there.

      At the first showing of the Saratogan at the La Conner Classic Boat and Car Show (2011) a guy came down to look at the boat. This guy had nothing good to say and proceeded to point out every flaw in the boat....and there are many. I finally got PO'd, jumped onto the float, grabbed the guy my the shirt and towed him away, told him to get lost. So yeah, those of us who have endured the many hours and expense of a restoration are a little sensitive to criticism. You've heard that old adage, If you can't say something positive, don't say anything at all.

      For me, a blue collar working stiff, to take on a project like the Saratogan was and still is a stretch. The boat will never be perfect while I own it and it's now been in the water six years and starting to show some signs of wear and tear. Hoping to bring my kids into the ownership and take on the responsibility.

      My boat is a user, not some museum piece. It's most important to me to get the boat out on the water and use it for it's intended purpose, to safely transport people in our beautiful Northwest marine environment and do so in style and with appreciation for the NW's boat building heritage and history.

      So please, if you are going to say something about someone's restoration, say something positive....

      Captain Tim (McSkagit) Jones 1959 Skagit 31 Saratogan

      Pay it forward.......take a kid for a boat ride


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        Here's a short video of our south Sound cruise. From Bruce Bridwell's camera operated by Andrew. Interesting how the Saratogan rides completely in the water. It's a semi-displacement hull, not a planing hull. Making about 17 knots (20 mph) here.
        Thanks Bruce! A couple different versions of this and one other video from that cruise on my Youtube page...

        Captain Tim (McSkagit) Jones 1959 Skagit 31 Saratogan

        Pay it forward.......take a kid for a boat ride


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          Yes, Tim, Andrew did a great job of capturing steady video considering the increasingly rough ride we were experiencing trying to equal your stable ride aboard the 31 ! Have shown the video to others and they comment on the nice ride you get with the hull at that speed. Man, as we got a half mile closer to Oly from this video spot, initially was a nasty ride for about 2 miles but eventually smoothed out, wish we didn't have a "no wake" zone for the final 1 1/2 miles !


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            Tim she looks sweet sitting still or cruising at 17 knots and the ride...amazing. Thanks for the video Bruce.
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