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I am reminded by a previous post:

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  • I am reminded by a previous post:

    That Mason Lake of last year's calendar was seven months and one week ago.

    Not as long ago as Lincoln's Gettysburg address perhaps, but long enough to make me want to go boating again.

    The tanks for my 16 foot Skagit are nearly done and before I go on my trip I need to move the boat over to the fabricator to have them installed. I am nearly chomping at the bit for opportunity to see same operate. This silly trip to Europe will interfere until the 20th but as of then I should be good to go.

    I hope that all those individuals in the pictures of the club's archives. You seem to have had such fun on previous cruises will be soon ready to burn some petrol in the interest of fun! Today I had to turn the air conditioner on to keep from stifling, that is a positive sign that I need to be out on the water.

    So get on the stick people, we want to see you there.

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    16 Skagit Skimaster (blue)
    17 Skagit

    18 Skagit Runabout (1961?)

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    I have to leave the country to go boating right now, I am "Boatless in Eglon".

    I'll be cruising the Sea of Cortez, reading "The Log from the Sea of Cortez" by John Steinbeck, while waiting for a bite on my line.:catchfish1:

    I hope a month is long enough to catch one. VeryBigSmile
    Lovely La Rue and the Kingston Kid

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