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How to Setup and Post to a New Event on the Event Calendar

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  • How to Setup and Post to a New Event on the Event Calendar

    I am going to have to check this to assure all is working like I said in the older post.
    We can still use the calendar which is pretty clear anyway.

    Pretty sure we lost the Map part to this but will see if we can get this back some how.

    Here is something I just bumped into by accident.
    I noticed that when I went to the Events Discussion on the forum that I had a 2 options.

    I had the normal Post New Thread but also have a Post New Event

    The Post New Thread is just what we do to start a new discussion. The Post New Event will add it to the Events Calendar with the option of showing the Address and location of the event.
    So, if we can find the address to an event to meet at, it maps it for us Pretty slick

    Here is how this works.

    Click on Event Discussion.

    Click on Post New Event. A new window opens up for Create a Event.

    Fill in the blanks.

    Event: Mayfield Frolic

    Then you have the area to type in what you want people to know about the event. Explain camping or cabins, let people know they will have to call for reservations and maybe give a number to the park or hotels.

    Next you will see Venue. Here, you type in Mayfield Event or Frolic

    Address. Here is were it gets good. If you have a address to even a building or home or whatever, here is were you can put it and it will show up on the map.
    Lets say there is no address for a particular boat ramp, But, there is a Home or Business next to it.
    If you take that address and even use it, the Map will get you to the house or business Next to the boat ramp
    Of course, use the City State and Zip for the map..

    Now, Start and End Time.
    This one is important. You want to click and set the date of the day you want to have the event.
    You can also show the time the even should start and how long you want it to run.
    Me, I would just put the starting time and show the event will run for 6 to 8 hours.

    Time Zone, well, most of us are on the West Coast and it setup for that. That is already set.

    Here you have some options before you press the Save Event button.
    We can have a recurring event if we wanted too. Of course unless its a Club Meeting type thing, it would be hard because in putting together our events, we need to understand and know the tides and such.

    Other options are already check or should be and that is:
    Enable RSVP. This is for who is going to show up or how many will show up.
    Create Event Thread. This will Also create a thread in the Events section for people to discuss the event.

    At this point, just press the Save Event button and its a done deal.
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