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    I'm conflicted where this should go since the 'picture' thread is pretty full, however this is relevant to both threads so I'll point the other thread this way...

    Anyway, tonight I was able to log in as Skagitguy (thanks Chuck) and see what he is seeing with regards to posting pictures and other issues I noted while logged in as him.
    First problem, when I attempted to upload a picture under his profile he gets this message:
    picture error.jpg
    Next I attempted to upload his avatar but noted there was no size limit associated under the 'choose file to upload' area:
    avatar settings no limits.PNG
    On my own settings page I see this:
    avatar limits.PNG

    Ed is this something you can fix? It's outta my league...
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      Originally posted by Capt Caveman View Post
      How do I display the thread with the most recent post at the bottom?
      Upper right corner should be Notifications, My Profile, Settings and Log out.
      Click on Settings.
      Click on General Settings.
      Scroll down to: Thread Display Mode:
      There you can make changes to your liking.
      Make sure you go clear down to the bottom of that page and hit Save..

      Also scroll to the top of this page. You should see at the top, Whats New - Articles - Forum - blah, blah.
      Click on Articles as Ed had put the setting that you should use as default.
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