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Thread: Wow, look at the new Echo by Garmin.

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    Boy, Greg, your going to like this for sure.
    Garmin has this new Echo Vu system out that the sonar is really tight so it shows a lot of detail.

    Dave, you going like that too. Is more like a Scanner now were you would be able to cross over something and be able to see detail.

    Huh.....Wonder what it would be like Sturgeon fishing...

    Guys got to see this...
    If this link does not work, Google Garmin Echo Vu
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    Wow, I wonder if you can see were your bait is.
    Greg James

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    My father just installed the raymarine version in a customer's boat. He said the detail is such that you can actually make out shipwrecks on the bottom!!! But the whole system is quite expensive!
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    Garmin does have some excellent technology.

    Technically, Garman appears to be on a par with some of the best Systems like Raytheon and others of similar ilk. Those displays are similar to what I have on my integrated bridge systems.

    Garman offers a wide number of available transducers ranging in price from 100 or so dollars to those of more than $1000. Some of those require drilling holes in the bottom of the boat and proper installation. I wasn't prepared to do that so I opted for a relatively inexpensive transom mount. I can upgrade that if the results are not satisfactory with what I have.

    I believe that those highly sensitive DF units will add significantly to the boating experience especially if you are a fisherman and can literally see the fish in the water. This is a similar system to those enormously expensive ones used by commercial fisherman in large trawlers and gill netters.

    Like Helmar, I would be interested in seeing photographs of the unit in action if that can be arranged.


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    What happen to the days where you threw your rope ( oops your line) over and waited till something jerk on the stick ( pole ) ? Gee i would think this would take all of the fun out of fishing ?
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    Those days are GONE, Chuck. And so are most of the fish.

    I have a similar unit going on the 404, a Lowrance Elite 7DX. I'll try to remember to snap some shots of it in action this weekend or in the coming weeks.
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    Really cool for shallow water/lake fishing. I imagine though, in most cases, if you look over the side of the boat, you'll see the same thing.

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