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Thread: New Technology: The Fun Part

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    New Technology: The Fun Part

    To me the most interesting part of the boat show are the small booths that have new and interesting technologies. They have everything from personal flotation devices,radios, sail furling systems, you name it.
    Naturally, Marine electronics and propulsion are a couple ofthe things that I find interesting. Below you see pictures of the Garmin boothand one that was interesting showing Marine propulsion using electric motorsand batteries. Perfect for use on a small lake or other where range is lessimportant than a lack of noise.


    Leaving the best part for last, this completes my boat show report.


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    I have some Old technology that I just might see if it still works.
    Back maybe 20 or so year ago, a fellow that I did some work for was a Rep for small aircraft. He gave me a Flow Meter that I was able to put on my old 62 Chev Suburban that I had stuffed a 400ci Pontiac engine.
    It was pretty cool as when I was pulling or just driving, it showed me when I was using the least amount of fuel.

    It kind of surprised me that I was able to see much of that in the smaller marine applications.

    I just found it again and it still looks like it just might work so I was thinking about putting it on the little Volvo B-18 that is in my 20ft Skagit Offshore.

    My bucket list is to get that back in shape and take it down the Columbia river to Astoria and back up to the Willamette river. Then I might just sell that boat due to the amount that I use it.

    I am sure they have flow meters for some of the newer marine apps, or one would think so. Finding that sweet spot for fuel consumption I would think would be something to know. I never run anything WOT myself. Maybe if I had a new 4 stroke but not with my income....
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