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Thread: Do you sit in or on your glassic?

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    Do you sit in or on your glassic?

    Today over on they started a discussion about whether or not a captain should sit in the seat or on the seat (up on seat back or even standing)...

    I know this was a point of discussion here on out forum a while back so I thought I'd share the woodyboater link and see if any folks over here have any opinions on the matter...
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    Funny this comes up. Yesterday I was out on the sound with my Uniflite chasing some salmon (yep, it's taken on a new role lately) and my buddy started sitting on the port seat as it was folded. I gasped and then thought, well he's not hurting I didn't say anything.

    I know it's not the captain spot, but it reaffirms my feelings on using the seat as it was intended.
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