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Thread: 1960 Dorsett Catalina - Am I crazy?

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    I used 5# pvc foam with mat and roving on one side and two mat and one roving on the other. You must have fiberglass stringers for it to work. You put two layers of wet mat on top of them then set the floor in the mat and let it cure. People are using 6# foam now. you could use coosa board overkill? With old stringers it would be good to put a fresh layers of mat and roving over them for better bonding. Mercury's from the late 70's are cool. I understand that after 1997 mercury started using stainless for their shafts and other vital parts.

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    I had originally planed to lay 2 layers of CSM and 2 layers of 1708 on the interior of the hull after i was done sanding and grinding. Then install the Transom and stringers. Move to the exterior hull and repair all the little owies on the exterior and fair the hull to a smooth finish. I have to rethink the keel shape... I kept the repair that popped out and I thought I could make a negative impression and fit it to the exterior of the keel just to give me a good shape to work with.

    Looks like I will be adding a few more layers to the interior keel area.
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