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    Bell Boy 21

    Despite being told the 21 BB I picked up in WA is a 1956, I believe it really is a 1959. Maybe a 1958. The biggest give away I think are the stringers. Instead of the stringer design that I found in my 18' BB and the other two 21 footers on this site, mine run down the length of the boat (pics #1 & 2). If you check out the 1959 Bell Boy page 13 on Fiberglassics it states "New longitudinal stringers for great strength". My boat also has a wardrobe (mentioned in the 1958 ad) pic #4, and the sides only have a horizontal trim piece that does not curve up towards the gunwale like the 1957 models pic #3. Also, instead of having a bow water tank, the water tank is above the sink (pic #5). I'm not sure how many gallons of water it holds yet.

    Would Bell Boy have changed their mind on making a boat an outboard vs an inboard? The Hull ID says it's a "21 IB" and is "white - light green" in color. One of the color options for 1959 was Seafoam Green and of course white. I can't make out what's been blacked out (pic #6). I'll see if i can backlight it and see if that makes it out better.

    anything I'm missing that might help date the boat better?
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    That water tank looks just like the one I had on my 404, same year. I had to cut it out the fittings were so rusted! I ended up putting a holding tank under my sink for ease of maintenance. Wouldn't trust the existing tank for more than washing down your hands!

    I can't remember, but I think I still have the factory sink in my storage area if you need one. Let me know.

    And yes, those stringers look like what I have on my 404. Very beefy. They likely tie into the transom if it is the same construction as the smaller boats of the same year.
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