Hi all. I'm getting the transom on my '58 Skagit Offshore back together, and thinking about the future phases of restoration. One of the aspects of the boat I really like is the aluminum trim, and I checked carefully to see that all was present before I bought the boat. As you might imagine, it is not in particularly good shape.

I've removed the sliding side windows and frames, and in addition to a good cleaning (including scraping off gobs of silicone sealant) there are a number of scuffs and scratches that need to be removed. I also had to cut about half the frozen screws out of the frames. The side and front cabin window trim is also scratched and dull. So, I have two questions for you experts:

1. Does anyone know if the aluminum was originally anodized? If so I'll give it the caustic treatment to strip it off before sanding and polishing.
2. Anybody tried to remove the side trim? Looks like it is held on by mild steel screws which would be impossible to remove intact. Could those be holding clips, so the trim could be pried up, as on an automobile? I haven't had the nerve to try that yet.

Thanks for any advice. I've started a blog on this project if anyone is interested. Not a lot of content yet, but I'm committed to add to it as I go. http://scottsskagit.blogspot.com/