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1958 Bell Boy - CL Bend, OR

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  • 1958 Bell Boy - CL Bend, OR

    Check out the trailer on this one! Looks like the window frames are all there and the rest of the hardware.

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    I went and looked at that. Its the same boat I am working on right now. The fellow says needs wood in the transom....Uh, bet it needs it more than just the transom. These smaller Bell Boys used wood stringers. The 19 footers and larger that I have seen use half round Fiberglass stringers so if your thinking about getting this boat, to be done right, its going to need it all as I would bet that is a 1957 sold in 1958 and registered as a 58.

    Sweet part about Skagits, Every one that I have ever seen has the big heavy duty fiberglass roving stringers that well, never go bad.

    The reason I chose to keep mine is, its Lite weight for one and easy to tow down the road, has plenty of free board for the big water and of course, the looks of it. Mine just happened to be two tone Blue. Dark blue hull, light blue cabin sides and gunnel with the bridge being white. I might just take her back to that color as it just so happens, blue is my favorite color.

    So with that Bell Boy, you might get away with a transom for now, but think about it, the wood that is in that boat is 62 years old and if she has been outside uncovered, well, they don't last that long. Just saying here is all. I would not pay more than 600 for that boat being its complete and knowing its going to need everything some day soon.
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      I appreciate the thoughts and insight on these old boats. Bend is a little far for me to go . I am going to swing by and check out this Dorsett Monterey in 10 days when I travel thru this area on business. Price is good, hard to tell what condition this one is in without putting eyes on it. I haven't seen too many Monterey's out there. Not sure I need another boat to work on...