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Tuned, but still messed up

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    You are saying your adjustments are all the way out? Ya, that sounds like cable stretch. Weak sauce.
    John Forsythe

    '59 Bellboy 404 - Pretty Girl
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      Perfect solution!!!


      All you have to do is follow the steps I used when my motor was barely running..

      1. Remove cowling (discard as you won't need it anymore)
      2. Have a passanger turn the spark advance up (mercury uses spark advance to achieve fast idle) BY HANDScrewy1.
      3. You start motor.
      4. Passanger must hold spark advance until motor is warmed up sufficiently to shift and stay running.
      5. Carefully shift into gear as passanger backs off the idle speed just enought to allow gearbox to shift.
      6. Go on boating!!!

      It is really easy to do on the old mercs (not sure about the 'rude as I have never owned one) this method actually got me through two opening day parades with the blue boat... Just make sure your "passanger" is someone you wouldn't mind losing as a friend, cause they are likely to receive a shock or two:shocked2: while holding the distributor...
      Brian Flaherty

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