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Part 2 Laurie & Grizz project (engine)

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  • Part 2 Laurie & Grizz project (engine)

    76 150hp 1500. Finally starting lo look a little closer at the stuff we brought home. This is part 2, because it appears that this not just trying to a Farallon back on the water, but the three parts of the project are now listed as Part 1 (boat), Part 2 (outboard motor), and Part 3 (the trailer)

    After getting the motor hung up I toke a picture of something that I don't under stand (never had a larger outboard before so complete noobie here) There seems to be a piece of tubing coming out of the rear lower end with an air chuck attached to the end. What's this for, and how does one use it.
    First of many questions, I'm sure. Will be picking up a manual within the next few weeks, but you have to start somewhere.

    Thanks and Kind regards,
    Grizz of Laurie & Grizz
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    Life begins at a shoreline.

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    Grizz, that is the E Z Steer connecter. Google E Z Steer to see how they are setup. Basically it connects your main motor to a kicker motor so that the kicker can be steered from the main steering wheel. Fisherman use these a lot when using the kicker motor for trolling.

    You can remove it if not needed with no harm done.
    Steve Kiesel
    1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan


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      Thanks so much. No we won't be removing it as Laurie says will have a kicker motor eventually. So, again, thanks a lot.
      Kind Regards
      Life begins at a shoreline.