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Shifting issue/damage-what to look for?

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  • Shifting issue/damage-what to look for?

    I left the family in Michigan with our Whaler/55 Bearcat, to return for work. My 15 yo son had it out, called and said after a run across the lake he throttled down, but it remained at 3200 rpm. He shut it down and got a tow home. I've been having suspected dirty carb issues and now think this was because the idle was set for a dirty carb(s) that got flushed (Seafoam was added to the gas) on the run across the lake. My brother since adjusted the idle down to 800 rpm with the adjuster screws, and it seems to idle and accelerate fine in neutral.

    BUT (and this is my real concern), when this happened to my son and he was tying to slow the engine rpm, he says he thinks he pulled the morse control lever too far and got reverse (at 3200 rpm). I haven't returned to MI yet but my brother says it now wants to 'slip in and out of forward' and 'one try of reverse seemed to be ok.' I think there is clearly some issue that could range from knocking the shift linkage out of adjustment to broken gears/shafts/clutch dog assembly in the lower unit.

    What are the most likely damages in this scenerio? Any suggestions on troubleshooting to determine the problem? Should I punt and order a new lower unit from Ed? Thoughts appreciated. I'm headed back to MI Thursday AM but will only have 1.5 days before we all head home, so won't be able to do much with it there.
    1970 Boston Whaler Sakonnet w/ Bearcat 55
    1960 Chris Craft 18' Continental w/ 283 ci V8

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    Triage it when you get there. It should be able to take a few big slams. Take the inspection cover off and check that the shift shaft moves all the way into gear up and down. Add extensive training and supervision on the son.