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1968 Johnson 85 no spark

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  • 1968 Johnson 85 no spark

    Hello all I'm working on a 1958 skagit restoration I got a Johnson 85 cheap and now now know why lol from what little research I could do I understand this to be first year with distributor under flywheel so to this point I've gapped points .009
    Replaced all wiring as all were just crumbling the plastic covering my question is if I set flywheel to tdc then just rotate advance plate will this trigger a spark so I can test?

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    Seems like the gap would be around 18. It should spark by rotating the advance plate. Ignition module is likely bad. You might be able to adopt an automotive ignition for it. Dose your motor look like mine? The module $372 and cap $200 I used a Suzuki pickup and msd module. The 1980s v4 are cheap and a little better.