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  • Tune-up needed

    I give up. I thought that I would be able to dial in my motor Myself. But I can't. So I need somebody that can do it. Runs great but Idle is way off or when idle is on wont stay running when put into gear. Can deliver and not in a hurry. John 425-418-9966

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    Motor problems

    Hello John
    What type of motor - Merc / Johnson ? what hp / and what yr ?
    Ingvar 206-434-9482
    Ingvar (Swedster) Carlson


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      huge help

      Thanks Guys, I will let you know how it goes. John


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        John, Where are you getting it worked on? Best,Chuck
        1957 17' Skagit Express Cruiser
        1959 20' Skagit Express Cruiser 120 HP I/O "Chippewa"


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          Chuck, Ingvar hooked me up with Thom. Thom emailed me EASY steps. I just couldnt understand the manual. But I get what Thom sent me. I hope to get to it soon. John


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            Frankenmerc- My new Hero

            A while back I asked for help dialing in my mercury 115. Reading the book was confusing. I would approach it every couple of days and it did not become any clearer. Enter Frankenmerc. The Doctor Emailed me 5 easy to follow pages that made working on the motor FUN. It fired right up. I was able to spend some time on Lake Goodwin last weekend. Thank you Ingvar for hooking me up and thanks Doc for the help. John Berg


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              Would it be appropriate to share those steps with the rest of us who are adventurous, yet scared to get started?
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              14' Stilleto


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                Karl, and others,
                If you send me a direct e-mail asking for the syncronization steps for the inline-6 Merc, I am more than willing to share the Mercury Magic.
                John's Merc has adi (alternator driven ignition) no distributor.
                Older Mercs had a variety of ignitions, so be sure and clarify which beast you need help with.
                Doc Frankenmerc
                Doc Frankenmerc
                Keeping Mercs alive since 1965