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    Looking for a Vintage Merc. About 35 horses. It needs to push my 58 Jetabout around Willipa Bay. What do you think?

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    I would think a 40hp at least. There are a lot of OMC motors out in good running order. Pick your brand Evinrude, Johnson.
    Here is on thing to keep in mind Most places a motor can only be run 3 months out of the year and out of the 3 months maybe run a week Now figure out how many years are put on a motor In 40 to 50 years they are just broke in. The main thing is how well were they stored and taken care of.
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      As far as the Vintage Mercs, you have Dr Frankinmerc up in Shelton who might have something ready to go.
      Then you have a Merc specialist down in Salem Oregon....Forgot his name but see him advertize motors for sale on Craig list from time to time.

      Next time I see his ad, I will make contact with him for more information to share.
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