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  • Opening Day launches

    Since this year will be our first opening day event, we were wondering where everyone will be launching and at what time?

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    We will be launching at the 14th ST ramp in the ship canal, along with my father and several of the ACBS boats.

    Last few years we have launched at the ramp between Gas Works and the dry boat storage place (on Northlake Way) Nice thing about this ramp is its closer to the parade route on the way back when your running on fumes.. Oh wait most of you guys aren't running six cylinder gas gussling monsters...

    There is always the option of launching in Lake Washington (Magnuson Park in the U-District, Kenmore [bit of long ride] or others to the south) down side to this choice is you have to be through the cut into Lake Union by like 9 am. Plus side you don't have to wait for the parade to finish to get out of the rain...

    I am sure others can share their opinions, I have only ever launched in Lake Union cause I am usually transporting my Father to his boat that is always at the Center for Wooden Boats after the Friday night dinner and boat rides...

    Happy Sailing!!!! :boater1:
    Brian Flaherty

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      i believe chuck carey and i are launching at magnuson park if i'm not mistaken.

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        Launch Ramps

        I'll be launching at 14th Northwest, since there tends to be more available trailer parking there than at the Northeast Northlake Way ramp.

        In the past quite a few members have launched at Magnuson Park (Sand Point), but having to make it through the Montlake Cut before 9:30 a.m., when they close it to all boat traffic, has personally made me nervous...since I'm often running old and semi-reliable motors. By launching at the Ballard ramp, you're still not far from our rendezvous point at the south end of Lake Union...and you can put your boat in later than at Magnuson and still make the meeting point with time to spare.

        We need to rendezvous at the west edge of South Lake Union Park by about 11 a.m.

        More details will be posted as we get closer to Saturday's big parade...

        - Marty

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          It's not looking good for us. We got dropped by Heritage Insurance, they are not doing classics in Washington any longer.
          We have been haggling with Haggerty and some others for weeks.
          Finally sealed the deal and sent off the check but the effective date is May 9th.
          I will have to research the expiration date for Heritage but if memory serves it is April 30th.
          Not really wiling to go out without insurance, I mean the boat could sink or something right? I've heard stories!
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            Thanx Jack,
            Why yes ,boats do sink on occasion,and they even leave the water on others.....Hoping for a calmer day on the water.
            The launch at 14th st is the eaiest , has ample parking,and has calm water.
            As long as we don`t have the Steam Boat group side-tied and parked while they warm up their "Vessels".
            The wait for the return to the Lake Union side is a good time to go have lunch at "The Spot", Northwest of the UW stadium.
            Chuck Carey turned around one time as it got shallow and we then had an Eagle land just feet away after a Divebomb run.It flew away with 5 lbs of weeds and grass for a nest.
            The group of boats that noses up to the Cut as they open it back up gets dicey as all sizes and types of boats go "close quarters" with people all around and bigger boats forcing their way thru.With any wind or current,the tied up boats lining both sides of the route get closer than you`ll want.

            Stan Davis set me up with an "Alien" Dorsal Fin that is towable and will be Alien Green by weeks end.He used it to scare Sea-gulls behind a Sailboat.
            Some Alien masks on cabin windows hung by one string may swing side to side making it appear we have boatloads of "Visitors".
            Looking forward to some more good times.
            The pre-parade staging area in Portage Bay has some great photo ops and is a great setting for mixing it up with people on shore,docks and on other boats.
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