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Next Event: Alder Lake Treasure Hunt

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  • Next Event: Alder Lake Treasure Hunt

    Avast, me hearties!

    The next event on our calender is the 3rd Annual Alder Lake Treasure Hunt. This years event promises to be filled with even more treasure hunting, pillaging, and swashbuckling' fun! The event is scheduled for the 22 of May. New this year, you must be a paying member of NWCBC to attend. The last two years have been a lot of fun and we hope everyone is as excited as we are for the upcoming festivities. We will be providing lunch, including beverages and dessert.
    A quick note on Alder Lake for those who haven't been there previously. Alder Lake can be found off of HWY 7 south of Tacoma, near the town of Elbe on your way to Mt. Rainier. They have a spectacular campground with everything from tent areas to full hookups. The boat launch has nice restroom facilities and a dock for easy loading or unloading. There is moorage available for day use and also for those staying at the park. The day use area is one of the finest we have found as a group. If you want more info. or to make a reservation here is the link:

    So mark your calendars, find yer crew, and prepare to sail under a pirate flag at Alder Lake. Let us know as early as you can if you will be attending and how many in your party including children. More details coming soon.......keep a weather eye out.

    Heres a few pics of the past years event:
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    Joe and Amanda, Would not miss it for anything ! Sheila and i will be there ! This will be Sheila's first trip out in " California Girl ". She think's it a cute little boat when it's just sitting in the garage. Wait till she goes for a ride maybe then it will not look so cute. Zooooom ! Chuck
    1957 17' Skagit Express Cruiser
    1959 20' Skagit Express Cruiser 120 HP I/O "Chippewa"


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      Cindy and I will be there too, looking forward to this one!


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        Becky and I will be there.
        Steve Kiesel
        1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan


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          This is the one we never miss. Might even bring a boat this year.
          Lovely La Rue and the Kingston Kid

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          Lil' Red - 1957 Bell Boy Express 18 ft Cruiser (someday!)


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            Michele and I will be there for sure!! This was the first event we ever attended with the Chris Craft and we hope to have an even better time this year as we have learned a lot more about what the boat likes and doesn't like. We will likely have a hearty crew but not sure yet, will let you know as we get closer...

            Now for a little pirate humor...

            A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. Bartender asks, "what's with the steering wheel in your pants?". Pirate says, "Arr she's drivin me nuts".... irate:irate:
            Brian Flaherty

            "How can you discover great lands, with your feet planted in the sand"

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              Joe and Amanda, we'll be glad to be back home, count us in for this event, our first Alder lake visit!
              Kent & Diane
              '58 Westerner


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                ...shiver ye timbers

                Joe and Amanda, our ride will finally be ready... and we've got some pillaging to catch up on! Holly and I, plus bonus: my daughter will be home from college. See everyone there, please let us know if we can help in any way.


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                  Carol and I are hoping to be able to make this one.
                  Hope to have one of the boats ready by then.
                  Helmar Joe Johanesen
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                  Our Sister club

                  Oh, and Where is Robin Hood when you need him??


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                    Alder Lake

                    Count us in for sure....we love the event.

                    - Marty and Mo

                    "If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White


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                      Originally posted by Helmar, post: 10825
                      Carol and I are hoping to be able to make this one.
                      Hope to have one of the boats ready by then.
                      'Bout time! We'd love to :surprised1: you guys there!

                      I think you need a little less :Underconstruction1: and little more :boater1:.



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                        Joe + Amanda,
                        Hoping to join along with our two kids,Helen,9, and Emily 12 hope to fit this in their busy schedule.......Emily even has a Pirate themed play going on right now,a complete Pirate outfit is now in her wardrobe.
                        If they fail to show,then I`ll recruit another pair of Pirates.
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                          Cheryl and I will be there. We camped there a couple years ago, and plan on staying the weekend this year as well. Very nice campground/dock. Looking forward to it!!
                          Gordon and Cheryl Davies


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                            The stars and moon must align that day, as the calendar was completely vacant for the 22nd!! I plan on being there with at least one little swashbuckler! If all works out, I will bring the Playmaster that has not seen the water since the 2009 Slough Run! Joe and Amanda, let us know if there is anything you need a hand with this year!
                            BRIAN FRANCHINI
                            LAKE TAPPS, WA.


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                              Susie and I will be there , would'nt miss this one.
                              Greg James