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Lake Chelan final details

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  • Lake Chelan final details

    So far we have seven maybe eight boats showing up at 25 Mile Creek at Lake Chelan this coming Sat. at 10 a.m.. Greg Lamb, Tim McCrain, Lowell Lorenz,Marty Loken, Lauryn Taylor, Richard Amberson and I have said that we will be there. Greg Barber who is a potential new member was very interested but backed out last week. Greg, you are more than welcome if you should change your mind. If any body else is interested please let me know. I would like to know who is definitely going to show up at launch time so we don't leave anybody behind.

    As far as I can tell right now, the weather should be good with partially cloudy skies and the temp. should be 70+. Of course that could change although I don't think it will. As Lowell has suggested it would be a good idea to bring extra food along and anything you might need in case we have to duck for cover someplace to wait out any adverse weather or big water. Chelan is known for the wind to come up ferociously with very little notice.

    Don't forget to have a coast guard approved PFD for everyone on board, throw flotation, flares,a fire extinguisher and at least a bailing bucket. Safety is first and foremost on this event as in all of our events.

    This is the first time NWCBC has done this so Susie and I are really excited about this event and it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. The main thing to remember is that we don't know exactly what to expect so we are playing this one by ear. We should have a better idea about everything after our dock meeting at launch time.

    Marty,Tim, Lowell and I are meeting at Lake Tye located just off of Highway 2 just before Monroe (west) 0n Fri. at 12 noon to caravan over Stevens Pass to Chelan. Sometimes we do this just in case somebody has car trouble. Everybody is welcome to join us. Tim's last post has a map. It is easy access on and off Highway 2.

    I would like to have everybody's cell phone #. Mine is 206 790 1725 and Susie's is 206 849 1423. This will be good for getting organized. Once we get up to Stehekin, there is no cell phone access. The VHF channel we use is 69.
    Greg James

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    Contact info

    My cell # is four 2 5 - six nine one - oh one 8 four.

    I'll have a VHF, Greg and Holly will have one if we're able to get it installed before then, if not they'll have one of my FRS radios and I can relay communications to them.


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      Tim, I have a hand held VHF they can use. I also have a hand held GPS they can use if they want.
      Greg James


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        Potluck anyone?

        Anyone interested in a campers style potluck? If so I'll bring baked beans in a can and add some stuff so you'll think it's home cooking like I can't do. There are fire pits in all the campgrounds and even one at Purple Point in Stehekin, if we don't want to use a fire then I can cook them over my stove.

        If no one is interested the cafe servers a good hamburger and other good stuff.

        Also I will be staying on my boat tied to a dock at Purple Point. 15 min walk into town. I will be bring hiking boots and a pack for a few short walks into the hills. I would enjoy some company on the outings.
        1956 Enduracraft Monterey
        1976 Cal 2-27 Sailboat
        1986 Mariner XL Seakayak


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          Potluck sounds good

          Lowell, I was planning on making a big pot of chili to bring over with us, I can throw some in the cooler and heat that up on my stove. I'm not planning on camping but am bringing the gear in case we have to wait out some weather.



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            Baked Beans, Pot of Chili?

            Baked beans and a big pot of chili--you guys sure know how to keep the snakes away!

            We could bring some black-bean soup, just to complete the explosive cocktail.

            - Marty and Mo

            "If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White


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              Coctel llameante

              :Good one:

              We'll bring the matches...

              cell, two oh six twofour 0 forty three 38


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                Susie and I will bring Chicken and botato salad. Nothing explosive.
                Greg James


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                  my cel phone is 206 817 6427.

                  Rich Amberson.


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                    Cell #

                    Mine is (360) 301-6737.

                    - Marty

                    "If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White