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    Today we had our NWCBC planning meeting. It was a full house and it went smoothly and a lot was accomplished. Some of our events will be repeated next year, some were cancelled for various reasons and we have planned a few new ones. I will post the results as soon as they become finalized, hopefuly soon. Mainly the dates of our 2012 events have to be set. We do have final dates for some but not all. It all depends on what our events cordinaters decide. Thanks to everybody who attended and a special thanks to Judy and Mike Kronic for making thier party room available to us and supplying us with food and drink.
    Greg James

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    It was great to see a strong turnout for yesterday's session, hosted by Mike and Judy (generous, as always). Greg James will do a terrific job as our new Captain, Commode-Or...or whatever he wants to call himself, and many thanks from everyone to Tim McCrain and Susie Starrfield for everything they've contributed. (Tim is continuing on to handle the treasury and membership, and his son Brendan is playing a significant new role in helping to create a new NWCBC website, which I'm sure Tim and Greg will expand on in the near future.) Helmar (Joe Johanesen) will continue overseeing the forum and working with Tim to maintain/update the forthcoming new website.

    I think we had 23 members at the meeting--a nice gathering of the faithful.

    Here's a shot from the meeting...

    - Marty
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      Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting, it was great to see everyone!

      Event planning is always a little challenging, it's just not possible to get everyone's favorite event on the calendar and with event dates dependant on tides, people's schedules, etc., it's pretty amazing we made the headway we did in the time we had. Another factor was the need to change things up some by adding new events and locations. I'm sure you all want to see the new events calendar, but it will take a little time to nail everything down and finalize it. Right now all dates are tentative (except, of course, the LaConner show) since the organizers need to check tides, venue availability, etc. We'll post the finalized calendar as soon as we can.

      One date you can count on is Saturday, January 1st, when we'll meet again at Iver's on Lake Union to kick off the new year. Last year some arrived by boat and some by car but everyone had a good time. I'll post notices in the forums when we get closer to the date.

      The long-awaited and much-anticipated changes to the website that Marty mentioned are pretty exciting, our new site will give us more features, an easy-to-update format (big plus for Joe! VeryBigSmile) and expanded features. I don't have a lot of specifics to share yet since we're still in the planning / first draft stage, but I'm sure you'll all like what you see when it's up and running! We're shooting for having the new site in place around the first of the year.

      By the way, the forums aren't changing, they will work as they always have. The changes are to our home page and the pages accessed from there, like the events calendar, resources links and more goodies.

      I'm looking forward to another great year!



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        Great Meeting / Great Host !

        Had a great meeting and this was the first one that I've attended. Very nice venue that Mike and Judy provided. Bruce B. said " Wouldn't it be great to have a room like this to do restoration in with all the natural light "? I said " We would just fill it with boat stuff and it would't look like this anymore :surprised1:> Got some good events in the works and looking forward to next year and hopefully make it to a couple more than I did this year. Thanks again to everyone that works on this web site and Mike and Judy for hosting ! Nice start Greg !!
        Happy Holidays to everybody and Pray for cheap gas next year ! :boater1:

        Shout out to Ingvar also for the N.W.C.B.C. Life Ring- Dry Erase board and the info on winterizing your boat and assorted other material - Thank you for the extra effort Ingvar !!
        Rick & Sarah

        1959 Larson "Falls Flyer"


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          I would like to mention that if you are planning to attend a scheduled club event of any kind and you would like to set up a prop or signage of any kind, I think out of respect for the coordinator or host of any particular event, your idea or plan should be discussed with the host or coordinator of that event. The event coordinator should have the final voice as to whether or not your idea or plan is appropriate for their event. We welcome such ideas as long as they are appropriate.
          Greg James