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Blake Island Picnic Cruise - June 9th

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  • Blake Island Picnic Cruise - June 9th

    Hello All,

    Unfortunately I will be unable to make this event, so our intrepid Commodore and event Iron Man Greg James has volunteered to take over as coordinator for this event.

    A lot of helpful info can be found in this thread from last year's Blake cruise - [ame=""]Northwest Classic Boat Club Forum[/ame]

    Greg asked me to mention that you're all welcome to give him a call with any questions, his number is listed in the club directory.


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    I am sorry but I haven't had a whole lot of time since Tim asked me to step in for him to cordinate this event but as Tim said there is a lot of information that I hope will be helpful to you by looking at the 2012 Events Scedule, Blake Island Picnic Day Cruise and also the thread Tim refers to above.
    Last years Blake cruz went really well with about 8 boats that showed up. Weather permitting Susie (wife) and I will be launching at the Edmonds sling Sat. mourning around 10a. We will cruz down to Seattle, past Harbour Island to Alki and across to Blake. We will probably go back that afternoon but there is a possibility that I might stay overnight with Lowell at the Marina. I don't really anticipate getting a slip at the Marina because it is usually full on the week end but I might get lucky. Hopefully the weather should be good, magicly it usually is for our events.
    As Tim said you are more than welcome to call me if you have any question. I am listed on the members phone directory or ask away on this thread.
    It might be a little early to ask at this point but if you are planning on coming please let me know on this thread. See you there.VeryBigSmile
    Greg James


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      Blake Island

      ...Wish it were otherwise, but we don't have a boat ready to go yet, so we'll miss Blake Island.

      Our classic-glass "daily driver" this summer will be a 1957 Glasspar 16' Avalon, shown below (about five years ago) with her then-owner, brother-in-law Jerry Davies. (The boat's been in the family since Jerry's uncle bought it new, so this one will be a keeper...since it has now attained family-heirloom status.)

      The boat's in decent shape overall, but it'll need a stronger transom before we feel safe on Puget Sound. (No rot, just the original, thin and spooky-flexible transom.)

      Some of you may remember the boat from a South Sound/Eagle Island boat-club outing back in about 2006, when Jerry and his wife, Andrea (Mo's older sister) launched the Glasspar at Grapeview and accompanied the rest of us for a run around Hartstene Island, with lunch on the beach at Eagle Island. (At the time, Mo and I were running the 19' Sabrecraft express.) Nice event...maybe we can visit Eagle Island again this summer during the scheduled South Sound adventure.

      - Marty and Mo
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      "If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White


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        Sorry you can't make it Marty. I was looking forward to seeing you and Mo again. The weather forcast is not looking to good so far for Sat. but I haven't given up hope yet, maybe it will turn out nice like it usually does for our events. Rain I can handle but wind is a different matter. So far Lowell is the only one I've heard from that is planning to go. I think people are watching the weather and are hesitant in making a commitment at this point. I don't blame them, I am doing the same.
        Greg James


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          Me too??

          I'm trying to come, but it will be a Friday decision depending on finding a buddy to join me. Celeste with her new hip and crutches is not yet ready to boat! Sound to narrows race will probably plug up the point defiance launch. Charlie and oles is closed I've been told. Where else can I launch in Tacoma??


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            I may make it out again this year but it really is weather pending.
            I'll probably call it Friday night or even Saturday morning.

            If I do I'll be coming through the locks from Lake Union and cruise straight on out there.


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              Originally posted by Ken, post: 22454
              I'm trying to come, but it will be a Friday decision depending on finding a buddy to join me. Celeste with her new hip and crutches is not yet ready to boat! Sound to narrows race will probably plug up the point defiance launch. Charlie and oles is closed I've been told. Where else can I launch in Tacoma??

              hwy 5 to hwy 16 to 19th, west on 19th as far as you can go to day island marina. launch is west end of parking area. ramp is long and narrow and tricky at low tide.

              richard (woodenboatfogey)


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                Hi, So far we have two people that have commited to the Blake Island event and two undecided. Lowell and I will launch at Edmonds at around 9 a.m.. We plan on going down to Seattle, down past Harbour Island too Alki and across to Blake. We will probably get to Blake between 11a.m. and noon. We are going to try to stay the night. Ken and the Wiz might show up.
                Sat. a.m. the whether is suppose to be partly cloudy with showers. The showers are suppose to stop in the afternoon. Low tide will be at 3:19p.m. and will be at .30 ft. Pretty low.
                I hope to see you there but I certainly do understand if you decide against it.:BigHappy1:
                Greg James


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                  Evening forcast is now saying mostly cloudy and showers on Sat. all day. I guess at least one thing is for sure, it won't be 70 and clear or maybe.....
                  Greg James


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                    I talked to John Nelson.
                    He is not bothered by the weather so you can expect to see him tomorrow.
                    He knows your launch time Greg, path and figured your destination time.
                    He will be in the Tyee
                    Helmar Joe Johanesen
                    1959 Skagit 20ft Offshore, 1959 Skagit 16ft Skimaster,
                    1961 17ft Dorsett Catalina.1958 Uniflite 17 ft
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                    2 40hp Johnsons, several smaller Old kickers for a total of 12

                    Our Sister club

                    Oh, and Where is Robin Hood when you need him??


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                      Thanks Helmar, Always looking forward to seeing John.
                      Greg James


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                        So far we have three people that will show up at Blake Island. I will be there and Lowell Lorenz and John Nelson will be there. Because of the low turn out we may or may not be at the beach because Lowell and I are planning on staying over night we are going to try to get mourage at the Marina as soon as we get there and if we do we won't probably want to give that up to go around to the beach or we might opt to tie up at one of there bouys close to the beach. We might even beach the boats and use our ancher buddies and that just might be the thing to do because the tide will be at 3:19. It will be at less 1 ft.. If you decide to go you might want to call me when you get there if you don't see me and Lowell.
                        Hope you can make it.
                        Greg James


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                          I'm out....

                          Given the forecast and lack of a buddy to boat with I have decided to bow out for tomorrow. Have a great time and take a few pictures. I do like the tent in the rain...cozy, but I imagine you 're sleeping aboard...


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                            Due to this mournings weather report of small craft warnings with 1 to 4 ft. wind waves and rain throughout Puget sound until 10p.m. Lowell and I have decided to be cautious and not get out on the water today. Sorry.anger:
                            Greg James


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                              The weather report above was from NOAA.
                              Greg James