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    Teaching And Learning are hard but I have gotten some very sound instruction as regards boats and restoration. I canít begin to tell you how much I have learned since Iíve joined the Classic Boat Club and it just keeps going and going. I just want to thank everybody who has responded to my questions and let you know that I have downloaded all of the instructions and have it all on paper for when I canít be at the computer. Itís like having a huge instruction book right at your fingertips.
    Just Be!

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    Right on! Could not say it any better.
    17' Johnson Runabout (1964) Completed
    18' GlassCraft Imperial (1959) Done!
    19' Campion Bowrider (1999) Great family ski/tow boat
    25' Skagit (1960) Two of them. What am I thinking?
    14' Axtell Aquacraft (1950ish)
    14' Stilleto