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    Hi Folks!

    I just picked up a '57 Bell Boy. I believe it is a banshee but not for sure. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures yet. It does have the fins and bumper molding that makes it look like the '57 Chevy. It's red/white in color.

    It came with an old mercury engine that I'm having trouble identifying and running. The serial number on the motor mount is A1420238. The front plate says it's a Merc 700, so it should be 70 hp. I'm sure it's the F.G.S. model so I figure it's at least the '61 or later.

    My first concern is getting the engine up and running so I can test drive it on the lake. I figure this winter I'll start working on the body a bit. It's going to be an everlasting project but I will eventually get this beauty looking good out on the water.

    If you guys can recommend some trusted resources, guides and parts suppliers that would be great. I imagine that's already here somewhere I just haven't looked around much yet.

    Thanks for the great website!


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      Welcome, we'll look forward to seeing some photos of your Bell Boy, Banshees are nice to find with all their trim intact!

      According to this link - http://store.eastcoastmarineservice....gory_s/789.htm your motor is a '61 full gear shift.

      There are links to resources on our home page, and about the best way to find parts and info on your motor is to Google, Google, Google. Google everything you can think of, I've found parts by googling the part number, the part name, the model number, etc. Google and bookmark so you can find the info later. Lots of Merc guys hang out on the Merc forum at, good place to ask questions.