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Hi folks, 1968 saber craft Wildcat

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  • Hi folks, 1968 saber craft Wildcat

    I just want to say hi and share my family boat with all of you. My grandpa purchased the 13'-10" saber craft- wildcat- in 1968 and it lived on puget sound its whole life. My mom, aunt, and uncle water skied with this boat every summer as kids, this was the first boat I drove when I was 7. It was a task getting my uncle out of water and rember the shift of all of us to the bow as the Johnson/electronic shift screamed as we looked at the sky.. Hahah... When my grandparents sold the house on the bay it was sad for all of us but the boat was not to be forgotten or sold. I wanted it with a passion but did not have a garage to store it, my uncle took the boat. The Johnson lived a great life getting rebuilt 2 or three time in its life until my uncle just got sick of it. The tool box in the boat was a savior many times. It had it all, I swear my uncle took the whole thing apart drifting to replace a broken part an then be back in action. The engine ran great but he had enough.. The choice was made to put a new etec 75hp on the back. The little boat now became a race horse! Sadly he didn't get many hours with her and got cancer... He didn't forget about the boat and made improvements to the trailer for ease of use with the help of his neighbors. What great people to help him so his wife could enjoy the boat. After he passed his wife couldn't go in the boat.. The love they had was formed with this little boat, mater of fact their second date was going for a boat ride in the saber craft. It saddens me as I type this.... Ohhh.. Well the great lady she is called me, told me this boat needs to stay with the men of the family to be taken care of as she has always been. I jumped out of my skin with excitement and a heavy hart. The little boat is sitting in my garage next to my Arima. Today I waxed the boat and am preparing to get the etec up an going after 3 years of sitting. I am excited to have my family boat on the water and hope to see if any of you know or have seen another 1968 saber craft wildcat. From what I have seen or have looked I can not find another.

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    What a great story and Save I might add.

    Welcome to the group. Not sure what everyone is doing at the moment but with summer on its way, I am sure we will have a few get together's this year.
    Nothing on the calendar as of yet but normally we will do a Mason Lake event with our friends from ACBS and even Mayfield lake.

    Nice looking boat for sure !!!

    Again, Welcome aboard.
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      Cool boat and story! Welcome!
      Maybe I'll see you out on black lake where I live and spend most of my time with my Uniflite.
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        Thanks guys, Kelly I will look for you when I go out this year.


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          What a great story behind this boat. You are lucky to have such a beautiful old school boat. I bet it flies like a pebble over the water with that 75HP engine. I am also looking for something similar but for now plan to stick around 55HP.


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            Hi Steve !
            It was a great opportunity to meet you last Saturday and chat about your boat. Cold and things to accomplish got in the way of our "glassics" chat, but hope to have more time and a nicer day to see your grandpa's wildcat in person. Thanks so much for "breaking the ice" so to speak (and literally) !!!! Very nice boat !!!


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              Hello Steve, I'd like to echo Bruce's post and say it was a serendipitous part of the move to Swantown to meet you and hear about your Sabre Craft. I have a soft spot for Sabre Craft boats. Dad bought a new 15 footer in May of 1958. We put a lot of miles on that boat, I skied behind it a lot and we even took it up to Cape Scott in 1960. It was a good boat and good looking too. Pics attached Second picture taken in Kelsey Bay, Vancouver Island, about to head north to Cape Scott....

              Look forward to seeing you and your Sabre Craft on the water in the coming months...
              Again it was good to meet you..


              Tim Jones aka McSkagit.
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                Steve, great story. So glad you got to keep that little gem!

                Tim, which one in the pic is you?
                John Forsythe

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                  John, I'm at the far right in the pic boat on trailer and standing on beach, boat in water. I was 14 and my bro Jim was 18 at the time.
                  Captain Tim (McSkagit) Jones 1959 Skagit 31 Saratogan


                  Pay it forward.......take a kid for a boat ride